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The comfort of tea is enough to inspire the poets

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I have to say, drawing tea pots is fun. Especially if those tea pots have feet. This is actually one of my very own tea pots, a favourite for sure.

the comfort of tea is enough to inspire the poets

And to go alongside my cute teapot, I would like to share some rather cute poems. The first was written circa 1670. Tea has been comforting us for centuries - to the point that poets have been inspired to write about it. None of these poems has a title, but they are all rather apt, I feel. They acknowledge the benefit and comfort tea brings as well as its fairly illustrious history.

Tea that helps our head and heart.
Tea medicates most every part.
Tea rejuvenates the very old.
Tea warms the hands of those who’re cold.
— J. Jonker, Amsterdam, circa 1670
Steam rises from a cup of tea
and we are wrapped in history,
inhaling ancient times and lands,
comfort of ages in our hands.
— Faith Greenbowl
The cozy fire is bright and gay,
The merry kettle boils away
and hums a cheerful song.
I sing the saucer and the cup;
Pray, Mary, fill the teapot up,
And do not make it strong
— Barry Pain

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