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Grown ups need to play, too

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I am on holiday in Australia's sunshine coast with my delightful young family. I am watching my daughter, age 5, totally absorbed in her drawing. "I want some of that", I think. And why shouldn't I? Grown ups need to play, too. So, I pop down to the newsagent and return with something called a 'Visual Diary'. Hmm, looks like a sketchbook to me. Now. What to draw? Later that day, in a bookshop, I happen upon a book on special, for $5. Bargain. It's called 'Funky Things to Draw', and it's a sign. Turns out, it's written for children. Never mind. Given my earlier observation, that seems most appropriate. One of the problems of taking on something like learning to draw as an adult is that it can be rather intimidating. As an adult, shouldn't I already know how to do this well? And, come to think of it, should I even want to do this at all? I mean, don't I have laundry to do, dinner to cook and taxes to file? Luckily, I'm on holiday, so I ignore these voices and draw a flamenco lady in pencil. My lovely new book gives me step by step instructions. Here she is....